When you are assigned an important presentation for work or school, do you prefer to work on it right away so that you can work on it a little bit every day, or wait until you have a good idea about the presentation? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to making a presentation. I am of the opinion that having a great idea paves the way for making a brilliant presentation. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, working on a presentation without an initial conception is a very time-consuming process. This makes us cope with different dilemmas while having an initial idea allows us to manage our time wisely. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. When I was a sophomore student, I was assigned a presentation related to my major. At first, I devoted a great deal of time to trigger an idea for my presentation. After developing the initial idea, I started working on my presentation with an organized mind. Although I spent time generating a good idea, this helped me to face fewer barriers and confusion and enabled me to use my time efficiently. Therefore, I achieved remarkable success and my presentation stood out among others' presentations. If I had not developed an idea at the initial stage, I would have wasted time dealing with numerous dilemmas. Secondly, having a good idea makes us more creative. To be more specific, having a great idea brings about more creativity and is a contributory factor to make a brilliant presentation. For instance, When I was a senior student, I was assigned an important presentation related to water treatment. At that time, all students preferred to present a frequent topic. As I thought that topic was recurrent and almost preliminary, I decided to make a presentation about a novel topic. Although this decision was risky, I started developing a creative idea to give an exceptional presentation and tried to distinguish myself from my classmates. After I gave my presentation, I was admired by my professor. I would not have made a novel and well-researched presentation if I had not tried to use my creativity in introducing a new topic for my presentation. In conclusion, I firmly believe that having a good idea enables us to make an outstanding presentation. This is because we can save time by facing fewer problems and dilemmas, and we are able to be flourish our creativity.
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