Which of the following do you think contribute most to an enjoyable vacation: • good food • good location • good friends to travel with

Traveling is one of the most pleasant activities for human-kind. But the question is that how to make your vacation more interesting? There are many factors that affect our experience of vacation namely food, location, and the ones you are spending time with. But from my perspective, good friends who acompany you in your vacation is havig the most effect. good friend can be the cause of best memories in the light of the following reasons. First of all, being with good friends equals to having a lot of fun. When friends come together they always tell funny things and laugh together. Besides, you can play some board games with no one but your best friends. You probably went some kind of vacation with your friends but to illustrate my point let me tell you a little story. Last year I went to a vacation conducted by the university in which a couple of my best friends were present. We took a train to the destination which was a long ride, about 10 hours. You may think that was a boring wait to arrive there but on the contrary, because of my friends, the long ride became the most enjoyable part of our trip. We talked together and played our favorite board game all the way; we even didn’t feel how the time passed! However, it would be unfair not to mention the fact that as much as the good friends can improve the quality of your trip, the bad ones can make your trip worse. Thus, you should always keep an open eye on with who you are going vacation. Secondly, good friends are the ones who cooperate with you during the vacation. This results in more convenience dealing with different kind of works in vacation. Consequently, by more convenience you would enjoy more out of your vacation. In the other words, the duties which is hard to do in a vacation, will be divided between the friends in the vacation; hence you are way more comfortable with it. Imagine a group of friends going to a long-distance trip together by their private car. Therefore, they must drive dozens of hours which is absolutely annoying. But they can change the driver in every two or three hours and thus they will not get tired. Furthermore, one should not forget that even if just one person drives all the way, by presence of his friends, he would not get tired as much. So, friends can bring you more convenience in the trip which leads to more enjoyable trip. In conclusion, due to the aforementioned reasons, it is strongly believed that having good friends can positively affect how much you enjoy your vacation. If you enjoy your vacation, you will be more efficient when going back to the work after vacation.
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