Learning a foreign language Many people have learned a foreign language in their own country, others have learned the foreign language in the country in which it is spoken. Which is better? Give the advantages of each and support your viewpoint

Today language is a priority, and it is essential to learn. It is valuable, if you can communicate in different languages. Big opportunities open up in career field, when you know more than two languages. You can learn a foreign language no matter where you live, and everyone is free to choose, whether to learn it in their hometown, or in the country it is spoken. Inasmuch as, both cases have numerous advantages, in my opinion, learning foreign languages is much more convenient in your hometown. Firstly, a lot of teachers, who teach the second language are usually foreigners. Because it is their first language, it is much effective for students. Not only they learn academic stuff, but also the teacher teaches the students basic phrases they can use during conversations. Moreover, traveling these days is very expensive and not everyone is financially able to travel. Most countries are costly to live, along with being a student it is a disaster. You would pay less by taking courses in your country, and you would save your parents’ money. Besides, you would probably travel alone, which could cause panic and anxiety attacks. You are supposed to find a place to live, probably a job, and the first few months would be difficult to adopt to the environment. It gets extremely stressful and exhausting most of the time. You can avoid all of these problems by just learning in your hometown. Turning to the advantages of learning the language in a foreign country, we can say that it is much more advanced. Everyone around you is talking in their first language, but for you it is a new experience and, let’s say a test, which you have to pass in order to learn the language. You would probably be fluent in 2 months. This is great for people who, in further future, will be communicating with this language. Flying overseas gives multiple opportunities for your education. Of course, learning a foreign language would be your top priority, however, you can take college courses, while being away from home. Various colleges give scholarship, if you are not able to pay. Moreover, you would open for yourself a new world and a bunch of ideas would pop up. In conclusion, both options are great in their own way. However, some would choose their comfort, over practice. And others are willing to have adventures away from home.
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