Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they are nowadays. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Since the dawn of civilization, education has generally been a significant issue in societies, and so teachers have always played a critical role in this regard, however, people hold different views about how people behave with teachers throughout the society, moreover, Some people believe that teachers deserve more respect in today`s, like what it was in the past. On the other hand, others say that, nowadays, mentors have an appreciable situation in societies. As far as I am concerned, in this modern era, teachers behave more respectfully to teachers than past. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, each person in the world became aware of the important role that each teacher can play in future of the society, hence, children are trained to treat as politely as possible to every teacher. To illustrate this, my personal experience is a compelling example of this idea. When I was a child, I can remember that my mother said to me: teachers are an invaluable blessing in the world which should be given high priority, also my mother bought a present for me to give my teacher after the end of the semester. Thus, not only people are informed now about the importance of teaching a job, but also train their children to respect them. Furthermore, in this mechanized era, teachers have a great income. In addition, their job is known as one of the best prestigious careers in society, also government facilitates their work by providing advanced equipment and tools for them. For instance, my uncle is a teacher now. He can make a living easily and always tell us, that he is really satisfied with the job he has because he believes that people and the government care for them high enough and that working is more desirable today. Therefore, in developed societies, teachers have a great position and work more gracefully than in the past. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, teachers are more appreciated than past. First of all, people are more aware of their role in society and as a result, train their children to respect them. Second, the government is giving much care to them with high income and facilities that are providing for them to work more comfortably.
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