Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspaper will remain the most important source of news. TO what extent do you agree or disagree?

Even if many people read news online, newspapers will remain the most significant news source. I believe that although newspapers would be a more significant means of reading news, they would not be the most important way. Not surprisingly, the rapid spread of online news will be a significant reason for those who think newspapers will not develop to be a more useful way as a source of news. People need to know immediately what is happening in the world to be able to decide based on the changes quickly. Online news can be shared among people as soon as it happens by sending links of news to others whereas publishing news needs much more time to print and publish. Thus, people would search for more instant methods to obtain updated news using online methods. Importantly, because using newspapers to publish news could harm trees, these papers will lose their popularity and importance among a majority of people who are concerned about their environment. Therefore, people will prefer more internet as a source of news instead of newspapers that are harmful to jungles, to protect the environment. However, one reason that would make the newspapers more significant is that the reading news in these papers is more reliable than online news. Newspapers are published by journalists that are educated staff in this field, so they search to find true news and abstain to release the news from unknown sources or fake news. In conclusion, newspapers may be considered more important as a trustable way to follow the news; however, some drawbacks such as harming our environment and being slow in publishing news would have negative impacts on their popularity as significant sources of news and people will try to find another harmless and useful means to read daily hot news.
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