Some people prefer to shop for food in supermarkets. Other people prefer to do their food shopping online. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Although there are some people who are in favor of buying food from supermarkets, others would rather purchase their food via online services. I believe that online food shopping can provide a better purchasing experience for us. People who support shopping for food materials from stores can choose their favorite food items in person. That is to say, supermarkets can provide customers with this opportunity to see, smell and touch their favorite materials as they explore the store. These materials can range from fresh vegetables and fruits to red meat and fish. Therefore, it is necessary to buy such items from stores to be able to choose what suits them best. However, it seems to me that online shopping can enable buyers to have a better food shopping experience. Online shopping helps shoppers to have wide access to diverse food materials and their information on the internet. This means that there are several websites and applications that offer different foods including dairy products, poultry, red meat, and legumes that enable cyber customers to compare the quality of products from different manufacturers, read the reviews of previous shoppers, and see price ranges for a single product. A good example can be Walmart in North America which provides different materials required for cooking and eating on their websites and apps and help customers feel satisfied with their purchase. In summary, while some consider shopping for these substances from supermarkets preferable since they can choose them in person, in my opinion, better access to different choices and sources of information about products make online ordering more satisfactory for buyers.
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