Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspaper will remain the most important source of news. Do you agree or disagree?

Though many people read news online, newspapers will stay the most significant source of news. I believe that likely, newspapers would be abolished and the online news would be the only source that would be referred to by people. Admittedly, because the internet is the easier way to access news, this would be the only means for people interested in the news in the future. There are many sources of news and websites on it that are intelligently designed to be easy to use for them. For instance, on the BBC news website, there is a search engine that has been designed for visitors to search easily for news on different dates and subjects. Moreover, there is classified news by content, region, and country. Therefore, easy access to online news would change people’s habits from reading newspapers to reading online news. Saving our environment is another main reason that would cause the internet to overcome the newspapers. The more internet is used to publish news, the fewer trees would be fell to provide the paper to produce paper for newspapers. Paper is made of wood during a process, and newspaper publishers, naturally, need paper to provide the newspapers. As a result, people eventually would choose the internet to save their surrounding environment. Not surprisingly, the rapid spread of news would be another significant reason to read news on the internet rather than in newspapers. People need to know immediately what is happening in the world to decide based on the changes quickly. Online news can be shared among people as soon as it happened by sending links of news to others whereas publishing news needs much more time to print and publish. Thus, people would search for faster methods to obtain more updated news. In conclusion, because people will be busier in the future, they would utilize the internet as a fast and easy way to send and receive news easily. Similarly, they would be forced to stop using papers to news to protect trees and consequently save the earth.
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