Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades(marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

in my onipion i do think that yes Grades(marks) encourage students to learn as it can give you the motvationdo more in order to get more good Grades(marks), my people struss over bad Grades(marks) but I believe that it can bed a motvatior to do better, one example of this is my fraind mark he wasn't the best and his marks were not that good geting two out ten, five out of ten, four out of 10 and marks like that he never did his home-work and never did any work in class as he keeps doing this he also started to somk and vap he also starting to go out with some vary bad people this kept haping and it didn't stop but one day he went to so the SAT and no one thougth that he would even do the test but on test day he did the test and went home one month later every on got there marks he got 1580 when he got that he started to fixet him-self he stopped smoking and vaping and stopped going out with those bad people all due to the fact that he got a good Grades(marks) but in my cusse I wasn't the best as i wasn't that smart tried but was never able to get as good as the people who were on the top as all i wanted was to get up there but I was no good at english, math and others like like it so I stopped everything I was doing and only looked at what I was good at and what i was bad at and i started to do what I was good at and loved and as I got better and better Grades(marks) I mad me want to become better at what I love conclusion I do think that Grades(marks) do encourage students to learn
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