Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Since the dawn of civilization, children's education has generally been a subject of criticism. Parents always are concerned about their young children learning and efficiency in their education. However, people hold different ideas about any external reason that leads children to do well in their exams. Some people believe that children should learn to try hard for themselves, not for other reasons. Others say that motivation can help youth people to act better in their school. As far as I am concerned, it benefits school-age children to pay the reward for their achievement. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, it becomes a fact that a person, who has the motivation, does things better. In this case, children need some reasons to effort for, as a result, they will work hard, so they will learn their lessons better and get a great marks in their exams. In addition, they can change their way by motivating them for one thing that is important to them, like money. My little brother's experience is a compelling example of this. he did not do well in his school, so my parents promised him, that if he get good scores in his final exams, they will buy him a PlayStation, and a miracle happened. He studied as hard as possible and learned concepts perfectly, so he got great marks. Therefore, not only reward can help the student to learn better, but also can change them to work hard. Furthermore, hope is a critical recipe for success. If people have stimulus enough and a goal to fight for, they will have a high chance of success, so offering money or any other rewards to them can set a reason for them to try hard. In addition, they will learn that after every effort they will reach valuable things. For instance, when I was a child, my parents suggested that they will pay me cash to buy my favorite expensive soccer ball if I admit to one of the best schools in my town. I am remembering that I studied as hard as ever did it before, and this is just because I have a reason to work for. Thus, I believe, having purpose is a key to success. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, young children do better if parents encourage them by giving them money and reward. First of all, they will learn their educational materials better, moreover, it can cause considerable changes in their personality. Second, having a reason would make you a hardworking person and teach you that after every effort, there is an achievement.
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