Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now

I agree with this statment that that famous people like entertainers and athletes do deserve more privacy than they have now as the privacy that the have now is very small to the point were family problem's are all publice information a great example of this is tony mark this up and coming star had fan's following him to his houes and every were he went just to thery can jet him an camra and the sell it anther on that come's to me is jony tom this famous entertainer has his life on desplay for every one to see in his cuass he had his home location, family, and many othere thing's shown to the world all due the fact that there is nothing protcting there privet life, this is a problem as it may leed to death for any famous entertainer and this isn't a possiblety as it already happend were a famous athlete was killed due to the fact that he had money the killer had information on his location due the fan's of thr athlete the killer also had information on how much money he had witch in turn made the killer go after him, in concougen i think that they need more privacy.
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