It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts.

No one can deny that there are positive and negative aspects of sctrict studing specific events and definitions. If I were forced to choose I would definitely say that realizing the main points and terms of a subject is the best approach in learning. It is my firm believe that students should not spend time on boring learning facts for a number of reasons, such as, understaning of information stimulate stident's motivation to study more and deep and it makes comfortable condition for mental health. I will develope these ideas in the subsequent essay. To begin with, if students realize significant concepts instead just learning, they will have interest to study more and better. It is not surprising, that education today tries to motivate and grant undestandable enviroment. Therefore, more students will choose programs with intercatcive subjects with illustration and modern technology, which aimed at motivation of student to study through realizing. I have to admit that my oponion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own personal experience. When I was choosing a PhD program I dedicated a lot of time on studing searching appoach based on understanding. I was really serious in this issue because I can not just remember facts without realizing all concepts and rules. In the end, I accepted a decision to go to University with the great motivation program. Professors try to present all new knowledge through exapmles and personal experience. I am glad study here and I have exellent grates because my high interest in learning. Secondly, when students should learn a lot of fact during studing, and it makes the enviriment of pressure and stress if they do not undrestands all concepts of a subject. Drawing from my experience, my sister went to a specific school with deep studing math and physical subjects. Nevertheless, she felt difficulties with rememberig of formuls and math theories. She always got bed drades in tests on these elements of knowladge. Thus, her stress increased and she did not have good conditions for continue to learn. Our familly decided to change school for my sister. New school was aimed at understaning physical and math lows and my sister began to obtain good grades. In light of the above mentioned reasons, I strongly believed that realizing the main points of subjects is more significant than to study some facts. This is because understanding creates student's motivation to learn and it makes beneficial mental health's conditions.
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