Some people think studying in a university is worthwhile only because you can get a degree. Do you? agree or disagree with the statement? Give specific reasons to support your answer.

To begin with, I do believe going to a university and getting a egree is valuable not only because you would get a certificate that would prove it, but having the experience and the knowledge from the transition during the years in college, for that fact, it is worthwhile. Now,I would like to explain these reasons in more detail. First of all, a university is only for the students that desire to continue testing themselves how much they want to know. As an illustration of my point, when a student is in the passage of his development and is studying hard for them to even know better and feel pleasure doing it is because they like it, they are paying attention in their classes, their professors, and doing their tasks as students because they want to have the awareness for the future work. It is very important to value the time in the classroom and want to know more not only because in the end, you would get a medal for your hard work but also, of he consciousness, skills, and abilities that you would get with it. On the other hand, we got the students that would go to university just because they would get the badge that will say they studied at a college, but at the same time, they did not do anything to earn it. As an example, when my friend years ago got to a distinguished academy and finally graduated and got a diploma he got the job of his life, but even though he had a paper that would say he was graduated with a degree the lack of abilities and skills would knock him down. It is necessary to know that if a student is studying at a university one of the many ways that would make the time valuable is paying attention, earning skills, learning something every day, and doing the school work is the way to make the time worthwhile.
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