People should take time to relax with hobbies or physical activities that are very different from what they do at work. Do you agree or Disagree?

When it comes to taking a rest from work, some people consider it a loss of time. However, others argue that having a rest, especially in an active way, accelerates their productivity and prepares them for the new start. Without a doubt, I strongly believe that people should take small breaks frequently during their working hours and do various physical activities or take some hobbies. To begin with, doing short physical activities during work hours keeps people healthy in a long run. It is not a surprise that people who go for sports live longer and healthier. While passive people struggle with variety of diseases, active ones prosper in their lives not having single health issues. My grandfather’s life experience is a persuasive example of this. Since he was a child, he has led healthy lifestyle. Physical activities such as jogging and exercising have always been in his everyday schedule. Accordingly, he has never lacked vitamins and useful hormones. Thus, his active daily lifestyle prevented him from heart and respiratory diseases. Moreover, till now he has good habit of taking small breaks every hour during his worktime in factory, stretching, and doing physical activities. After all, contrary to his peers who have several illnesses, he has none of them and is able to run more distances than me and my brothers. Unquestionably, his well-deserved lifestyle has always been motivation for youth who wanted to not only flourish ones career but have long, healthy life. Besides, I believe that our hobbies are the spice of our lives. In my firm belief, after work people should take some hobbies and do distinguishing activities. This will surely make them the happiest ones, therefore. After exhausting work people want to have a rest and create happy memories doing their favorites activities. This makes them feel alive and not fall into a repeatable boring cycle. For instance, a few years ago, when I was working at marketing office, I learnt to play the guitar. After learning some charming melodies, my life has changed fundamentally. Even, I barely remember the time when I was not able to play as the transformation is apparent. I played every evening after work which relaxed me and helped to clear my thoughts before going to bed. Additionally, I sometimes play for my colleagues making our work more fun. So, I am sure that learning playing the guitar colored my life with new memories and emotions. In conclusion, human’s hobbies and physical activities are the reflection of the quality of one’s life. They keep a person healthy and functioning making them live longer and prosper, despite their exhausting work. Meanwhile, they ensure one’s fun as new memories and feelings are present every single day.
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