I am only person in this room who speaks five languages

Most people believe that learning languages are an important part of our life. However, knowing more than 2 languages can help to communicate and explore new cultures and nationalities more easily. Nevertheless, I feel like the more languages you know more you are a better person.For instance, I am the only girl in the room who speaks 5 languages and this situation is complicated because being more educated than others causes me problems. Firstly, you know way more and your brain works better than other people's minds. Relationships with people are hard because finding people who share the same mentality as yours is quite a hard task. As a person who speaks 5 languages , I think more widely, I saw a lot of cultures, and people who live in Armenia have a different mentality and as a person whose knowledge is extraordinary and different it's hard for me to find interest in people who live here. Peoples in Armenia have the old mentality and finding the same topic together is challenging. Secondly, when I was a kid I always wanted to move to reach successful life and find more opportunities, so learning languages was a part of my goal, on the other hand, I was raised in a family where we had no money and I didn't have any other option other than forcing myself to learn alone. So learning languages was a part of the plan and it gave me hope to make a circle of people who share the same interests as me.I chatted online with people, took online courses to educate myself in different fields, and always find new learning sources to know more than others. Knowledge is a powerful tool and nobody can take that away from you. My family was poor and I managed to give everything to them with the power of my knowledge. In conclusion, being the only human who speaks five languages in a room is a great way to accomplish an abundant amount of successful tasks.Languages are roads to a better life and new adventures, so I took that opportunity. Learning languages is not easy it can take years to speak fluently but when you start to learn by the time you understand that all time you spend learning was actually worthed for the result.
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