some people prefer interactive classes , other prefer to only listen to teacher speak. which do you prefer ? use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Due to the benefits encountered in the interactive classes over the classically presented courses by teachers. in my opinion, I non-arguably prefer to attend an interactive class rather than only listen to what the teacher has to speak .i feel this way for two reasons which I will express in this essay . First of all , interactive classes have been proven to improve the cognitive skills of students . evidently many students have shown to communicate and present more efficiently , by allowing students to interact with one another . for instance this would increase the abilities of students to present over a crowd and to accept others' criticism in a ore interactive manner. In a recent class I have taken with a large crowd of students we were assigned to project slides about a debatable topic by which everyone is supposed to express his opinion about it , I received a tremendous amount of questions that were opposing my beliefs . Nevertheless my skills were enhanced and now I feel more confident in discussions about different notions about a certain topic. I am sure that if I had not participated in that interactive class regularly , I would not have been able to express the presenting confidence and communication skills so efficiently . Second, in a classically expressed program shy students have almost always remained silent . in my thoughts many shy students would have a great opportunity to elaborate their concerns about a specific matter in more icebreaking methods.Interactive classes would allow timid students to socialize with other peers in interesting manner which could elevate their social skills . At instance, one of my friends who preferred to remain quiet in ordinary classes expressed his positive feedback of an elective interactive procedure he took . He stated that he gained the chance to thrive with more ideas by loud thinking with other classmates , in addition group work provided him the opportunity to be introduced to new classmates by which he became friend with . I approve his point of view since his joy is now expressed vividly . Certainly , if he had not joined that elective line , he would not have developed those skills . In conclusion , interactive classes should be in the plan schedule of students by which this would undoubtedly enhance their lifetime social, communicative and presentative skills . Moreover students would be able to express their thoughts without the feeling of being judged and even when criticized by their teachers or classmates they would discuss their opinions in a modern matter .
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