It is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize in one specific subject.

There are so many people doubting whether a broad education in many academic subjects takes the advantage of specializing in 1 specific accountable. We have to realize the fact that the method of learning is more essential rather than the education itself. As we are in a century full of intelligence and information, just absorbing intelligence is not as important as before. However, learning the way of study requires some training in the accountability and of course,those who have a road capacity in many academic aspects can learn more about different ways of learning different subjects. When given a new task, they can easily solve it by using various methods he has learned and takes a lot of advantage of the learning experience. Moreover, the distinction among subjects becomes less clear. In fact, to solve the problem in a certain aspect may use talent in other aspects. Thus it leads us to cover more strengths instead of just specializing in 1 specific accountability. For instance, the subject of biochemistry requires the skill of chemistry as well as biology. The one having the background of the two subjects can absorb more and discover more in doing research, and have more chances of success. In fact, to see the famous scientists in the past, we'll find that most of them specialized in more than 1 accountable. Aristotle, one of the most famous philosophies in ancient Greek, knew a lot about capability in science and did research on such things. As for Franklin, he discovered electricity when having stormed, and he also did well in his political career. From their experience,we will learn that it's not the strength of certain accountability that contributes to their success, instead, it's their way of thinking and the good personality traits that lead to their achievement. As the saying goes that competence is power, we can draw the conclusion that more capacity, more power. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with learning a new skill,and perhaps 1 day they can be used in research or inventions.
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