what are the characteristics of an effective parent?

When interacting with a child or student in school, it is obvious that his or her parents are effective people. Effective parents are supportive, careful, polite, and encouraging when it comes to teaching. Effective parents teach their children whenever there is something to learn, not only they make good stories but also help their kids with homeworks. Children learn to speak and behave from their parents' behaviours. Perfect parents do not misbehave. They understand sometimes terrible interactions happen, however they try hard to behave in gentle ways. Lovely parents support their children mentally or even physically, when needed. They are ready for long stories from school's classmates. Their beloved children never feel devastated, because of caring parents. All in all, effective parents are truly whom their children love. They support anytime children need, they teach as the best teachers in universe, and they always have smile on their faces for childrens.
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