Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to improve the quality of education in a country is to increase teachers’ salaries. Use reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is critically important that teachers receive such a high salary to provide a convenient life for themselves. In my opinion, the teachers’ pay rise is the best approach to enhance the education level of a country. First off, some teachers have to work as tutors after their school classes every day to pay their bills. They have to work all weekdays and don’t have any time to rest for their upcoming day’s classes. So, those tired and unmotivated teachers will have negative effects on students’ learning. For instance, assume a teacher who works all the evening as a tutor. how could he recover for tomorrow’s class? So, governments should provide a convenient circumstance that which the teachers don’t have any financial concerns. Increasing teachers’ salary is the most effective and quickest method to achieve this goal. Secondly, all members of a society must respect teachers and the dignity of teaching must be preserved, therefore teachers must be in the high social strata of society. This is not possible unless with aid of increasing teachers’ salaries and enhancing their financial level. For example, imagine a teacher who doesn’t have a car to drive home while most of his students own cars. How we could expect those students to respect him while he belongs to a lower level of society? It’s a shame for the whole society that teaching becomes a low-prestige job in people’s eyes. By increasing the teachers’ salaries, the respect and dignity of the teacher can be restored. Finally, It’s a fact that such a low prestige and low salary can not temp talented youth to become teachers. So, those who are interested in teaching don't pursue it, Instead, some uninterested people with low academic credentials employ as a teacher. What’s worse is the fact that they will train the next generations. This unpleasant phenomenon can be prevented by increasing teachers' salaries. All in all, Although the teacher’s pay rise, is not the only way to increase the education quality of a country but it’s the best one to encourage current teachers and improve education quality.
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