Agree or disagree with the following statement: Standardized tests like the TOEFL provide sufficient information to determine whether students should be admitted to a college or university.

I believed that the examination like TOFEL or IELTS are the standardized medium that provide effective information to indicate whether students should get enrollment to a college or university. It is convenient and beneficial process to filter the brilliant student and provide them opportunity to study at the top university. This essay will present the reason behind this. First of all, student are alway eager to study at the best university.However, there is less amount of best university and every body admission at the top university is impossible. Thats why, the examination like TOFEL help in establishing criteria to get best student enrollement in the college and university. This language test is effective because english is the common communication medium all over the world. For instance, my sister got band 7 score in IELTS and got a chance to study at best university in canada. She also got 20 percent scholarship. Therefore, this test manage to fullfill the aim of student who want to achieve their higher study in the renown university far from their nation. On the other hand, every nation has different language and english is not their mother tongue. In fact learning english is tough and intelligent people also feel hard to score great band in this examination. As a result, my uncle is talented person and topper of university in my country, but he wants to study a certain course in America. He took the TOFEL test but could not get marks as required ,so he is working hard to achieve required score to fullfill his dream. Hence, sometime time and money loose in this condition. In conclusion, I agree that standarized examination is beneficial because it avoid the bias and offer equal importance for entry in the university from all the nation.
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