Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nine times out of ten, many people may encounter a lot of considerations and always figure out how to limit teacher's view of social or political to students in this hustle and bustle society. Still, there has been protracted debate over the topic. In that event, it may be argued that teachers should not maintain their political views to students should be suggested first when one has both positive and negative feedback. Despite that, as far as I am concerned, limiting to express teacher's own social or political views to students would be a successful method to increase people's willingness to accept comments. The following details can buttress my position. First of all, in my opinion, it is widely understood that the teachers should not make their social and political view know to students. The children look to their teacher as a model. Thus, they try to imitate their teacher in his or her behavior. Eventually, this may effects on the children behavior especially when the child go to another class or another school and new teacher with different political view. For an instance, As a high school student, I blindly started following one of our country's political personality and support his ideas, because my school teacher used to peak highly of him in our class. This example depicts how a teacher's views can affect students. Second, in reality, there are a lot of argument that can lead to physical fight, because of different opinion of political event. My friend Adam, for instance, had to write an essay about the achievement of the Egyptian's president at that time. The teacher was a huge supporter of the president, however Adam was not. Consequently, Adam refused to write that essay and the situation ended up in fights. Thus, it is wiser for teachers to avoid talking about any political issues in front of students. Moreover, no one is perfect. Probably students will learn teacher's view of political issue or social situation, which will definitely have negative effect on their ability to choose their own political views. In addition, students tend to follow their teachers; such as being familiar with teacher's views, thoughts, and some other peculiarities. Therefore, merely indicating the examples of the outcomes of teacher's strong political view effects on students can be an excellent solution to those adverse conformity effects. For instance, my cousin John, had various political views. He looked at social and political problems by thinking in many ways without leaning toward one place. However, after he turned into 12th grade, his point of view was completely one-sided and accompanied his teacher's view withought having any knowlede of his side. As shown above, it is obvious that involvoing teacher's political or social view to students is not wise under this kind of situation. To sum up, in a world that is rapidly changing, it is not absurd to asserts that the teachers should not state their social or political views to students in the classroom. To all apperances, asserting their own social or political views according to their own thought should never be overlooked.
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