Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them.

Despite the fact that the disadvantages of playing computer games for children have emerged for everyone, there are some people arguing that playing these sorts of games promotes the mind process of children. Moreover, they cite that due to the advent of technology, it is undeniable that youngsters have a different manner to spend their time in the modern decade compared with last previous generation. On the contrary, I am against this approach and I am of the opinion that the accessibility of children to computer games should be limited by parents for several reasons. This essay aims to investigate the reasons for holding this opinion. First and foremost, although those children need to do activities containing body movement to pass the puberty age in the best status, playing computer games leads them being away from outdoor entertainment and keeps them sitting for long hours. Sitting on a chair for several hours and staring at monitors bring about health issues such as fatness and weakening of the eyes. Furthermore, This games target kids for commercial benefits and have been designed to be attractive and addictive as a result. It means that they could have adverse effects on the mental health of children plus their body health. Hence, I believe that it is obvious that parents should restrict the time which their children spend playing computer games to protect them from dangers having stated above. Second, It is crucial that children have connections with other children in real world and face to face. Community skills begin to develop at younger ages. For instance, If a person had not gained the ability to establish effective communication in his childhood, he could not have been accepted as a member of any peer group. In other words, playing games alone and with computers, deprives children of the opportunity of making friends and will add to their isolation. In addition, seldom do not we witness that a child with a high level of leisure time with the computer was a successful student. So, thanks to playing computer games with children, we will deliver children to society who are unknowable and isolated. Third, regarding the fact that most of these games are rough and aggressive, they have a direct negative impact on kids' behavior. They will increase anxiety, stress,and sleep disorder in children. It means that excessive play could encourage them to imitate and conduct dangerous activities which trigger them to hurt others or themselves since they are vulnerable at this age. In conclusion, I am adherent to preventing children from playing computer games for the stated reasons. Computer games have a direct influence on children's health, social relationships, mental status and even their futures. I strongly believe that this games should be prohibited by parents due it has no advantage for children.
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