Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Leadership comes naturally: one cannot learn to be a leader. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Since the dawn of humanity, learning has been a subject of criticism. As time goes by, people are becoming aware of humans' abilities more than past, however, there are still arguments between people regarding learning. Some people hold the ideas that, in nowadays world, people could learn anything they want, even if they do not have any talent in that thing. On the other hand, others believe that something like leadership should have existed in people when they were born. As far as I am concerned, people have the chance to learn anything they want as an epitome of creatures. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin, with the ever-increasing pace of technology nothing is impossible in this developed world. Being a leader like other abilities needs techniques, materials, and concepts that you can learn. In today`s world, you can access every material that you need to involve them as raw material to reach your goals. For example, new technology in the form of the internet has breached the limits of a country`s frontier. I am learning management courses by accessing up-to-date information in this field, which has been released in a university in the USA. Thus, according to the appearance of the internet, not only people can learn anything they want, but also it makes the opportunity for them to access upgraded material anytime and anywhere they want. Furthermore, I believe that hardworking is a key to success, everyone has the power to increase their knowledge and their abilities by practicing and being diligent. We cannot ignore that leadership can be a gift for a person, but it is not true that it is unavailable for others who do not have this talent. For instance, my mother is a businesswoman, so she needs to be a good leader and manager if she loves success. Although it did not seem that she is good at administrating, she became one of the most well-known managers in our country nowadays, all of these achievements come from hardworking. Therefore, nothing will be out of reach, if you do your best and spend enough effort. In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, leadership can indeed come naturally, but it does not mean that learning it is infeasible. First of all, due to the advent of the internet, you can learn any concepts and lessons you need to know for being a successful leader. Second, hardworking makes everything possible, even if you do not have that thing instinctively.
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