Some people like to travel with a companion. Others prefer to travel alone. Which do you think is better and why?

Nowadays much more people have opportunity to travel then it was before. And people travel with their family, friends or alone. For my opinion, it is better to travel with someone. I feel this way for three main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. First and the most, traveling with the partner could be more amusing as you can share your emotions and express fillings with your chum, what can be very essential for some people. Also, you could visit places that you have never wanted to, but your friend have another opinion on this. Consequently, you will have more experience and maybe you even like it. For example, when I was ten my family and I traveled to the Italy. At that time I only wanted to see the nature of this country. But my brother was interested in sightseeing, so we went to the different churches. I’ve never imagine that I would loke it. Thus, now I am found of architecture. The next reason is that traveling with friend will be less dangerous. Imagine that you are in the foreign country absolutely alone and in the trouble. Obviously, it is a perfect storm, nevertheless it could happen with everyone. So with friend it will be easier to go through these troubles: friend may support you and you always know that you are not alone. In additional, for robbers you are more attractive when you are alone. And the last reason is that if you want to be closer with someone traveling with that person could be a solution. When we go through our journey we get to know each other better and grow closer. As we share with each other out thoughts and spend more time together. In a nutshell if you have a chance to travel with someone, take it and your journey will be more exciting.
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