Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today have no influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society as a whole.

Society as a system of relationships that is characterized by the feeling and interaction patterns between individuals and minorities is described as a time of experimenting with roles and identities and these two are inseparable parts of a fruit. So, certainly, the young people's beliefs and opinions have been playing a significant role in the construction of civilization. there has been a strong debate regarding whether teens influence the community. Some people claim that, nowadays, teens’ role get fading out of the association, besides this assertion, I have an opponent's point of view. I will next discuss some salient points that motivate me to take that view. The first aspect of the current discussion that comes to my mind is the advancement of technology. In today’s world, technology is developing at a galloping rate and has yielded beneficial results. One of the most important of these results is social media networks. Social media is a place where individuals are able to affect other people's thinking in a social community. As a result of their involvement with social networks, minorities can readily discuss and propagate their thoughts and beliefs and will continue to play a key part in the development of their culture. For instance, a couple of years ago in our country, an election was held, and one of the candidates had an updated opinion, while the other's opinion was obsolete, and young people used social media to promote the candidate who had the mindset of today, resulting in the selection of the open-minded candidate. Consequently, in today’s world, teens have played an important role in the future of their society by using technological means, such as social media networks. learning is the second issue that requires careful examination in accordance with the declared topic. One of the most important effects education has on association is giving the people who live in a world the skills they need to compete in it. And so, education is the means of developing knowledge, because in each young person there is a private hope and dream that, if fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for their society. In the past, education was not developed in such a way as it looks today, and youth were not able to promote their ideas because of a lack of educational skills. But today, youth encounter a competitive environment in university, and this kind of environment enhances their social skills, so they are able to play an important role in their society. Therefore, in the new educational era, youth are informed people, and so they are aware of everything around them and have an integrated role in their society. To sum up, for the maintain adequate above, with the advancing in technology, especially media networks and the other factor is education, youth are playing an important role in the future of their society and the decisions which are held for it.
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