• Employers should provide childcare at the workplace for employees with small children.

Many parents with small children find it hard to balance between their work and children. Not only they wish to be more successful in their work life, but also want to interact with their kids more by giving themselves extra free time. My own view on the matter is that childcare at their workplace is the solution all parents’s look for. Thus, people with newborns do not have to feel stressed over this. First of all, there are plenty of people that there is no one on their side. Single parents sometimes have no choice than to bring their toddler to workplace. Because of this they want to find a office with a nursery. It is highly possible that the one and only desire of employees with infant is to get a job with a daycare. Another factor to consider is financial conditions of the family. It is likely that individuals do not have the extra money for childcare. Besides, people with children tend to save more money for the future of their kids. In addition to this, childcare at the place of business is not only beneficial for parents. It is also an advantage for employers because mothers or fathers find it more convenient for long term than paying another daycare. As a result of this, organizations can benefit from this as well as employees. Last but not least, parents with newborns, especially women, feel more at peace and relaxed when they know their children is just a few doors away. There are those who argue that not only mother’s but all worker’s emotions change in a good way after they look at toddlers. Because of this, businesses can profit more due to its positive and productive employees. Based on these reasons, it is a good idea to build a work place with a nursery. It is greatly useful for lone-parents. It helps families to control their savings more efficiently and helps the company gain better.
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