• Many people believe that it is very important to make large amounts of money, while others are satisfied to earn a comfortable living.

Although a lot of people try to narrow down their expense and simplify their lifestyle, i truly believe that in today’s society money is one of the most valuable thing for every individual. My own view on the matter is that having more money than a person needs is a better path to follow nowadays. First of all, it is worth considering that an emergency may be occur. All human beings should save an amount of money on their bank account. People cannot predict what the universe bring but they are able to minimize the damage of these suprised events. For example what if a family member has to go to a hospital immediately and this particular person does not have health insurance. Therefore, this individual would need money to pay those services. Another point worth noting is that every person wish for an entertainment for themselves some time to time. People often need to clear their minds and get rid of every overwhelming feelings. It is likely that they can manage to get themselves to more mentally stable condition. As a result of this, individuals may be more psychologically healthy after this. Last but not least, parents ought to make more money for the future of their children. These minors are not able to provide their own fund so they cannot pay for their education or food. It is highly possible that these younglings will desire to go university and someone has to pay for the cost of the school. For this reason people who have kids should have savings for the sake of their children. Taking everything into consideration, this study has shown that it is not a disastrous thing to have more money. I believe that people should always save it in somewhere for suprised events. Also, it is significant for people to treat themselves for more healthy conditions and it is a good idea for parents to put some money aside for the forseeable future of their children.
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