Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well.

Since the dawn of humanity, people were always trying to become experts in a special field. However, in this modern era in general people encounter many distressing and unsettling circumstances to the four winds, and so they have to do many things together. Nevertheless, people hold different ideas about expertise. Some people believe that if you want to be good in anything you will have to focus just on that particular thing, on the other hand, others say that it is possible to do a wide variety of activities and be well in many of those things. As far as I am concerned, mostly, it is really hard for people who do a lot of things simultaneously, to be perfect in those things. The reasons would be elaborated upon in what follows. To begin with, it is near a fact that, you will not be an expert person in one area unless you do not concentrate on that thing completely. Every single activity needs its own time and energy, and it is near impossible to handle so many different things and be an adept person in all of them. For example, when I was young, I went to English class, played soccer, played guitar, and also tried to study my school's lessons. It was tough for me to manage all of those things together, so as a result, I failed many of my exams and I did not become a professional guitarist. It is clear like a crystal that I could not spend sufficient time and effort for whole my activities. Therefore, I believe that being great in any field needs adequate time and hard work which is hard for humans to do so. Furthermore, because of some limitations that human faces, such as time and energy, it is near infeasible to be a skillful man in many things, although you have the power to be an excellent one in a single area. In my opinion, son warm large area, but if you use burning glass on one point, it will burn that point. For instance, after many breaks that I had in my childhood as a consequence of my bustling situation, I have decided to focus, just on my education. Since then, I am studying like a horse and spending most of my time and energy on science and my major concepts, as a result, I am one the most well-known Industrial engineers in my country. Thus, I believe concentrating on one special thing, definitely leads you to success. To wrap up, to the best of my knowledge, it is close to impossible to do many things well. First of all, everything needs its determined knowledge and skill that you cannot learn all things together, even if you are a superhuman. Second, due to the fact that we are restricted by time and energy, we are supposed to focus on one field to be successful in it.
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