During our careers, we work with many different kinds of people. All of them have unique characteristics and personality traits. In your opinion, which of the following is the most important characteristic of a coworker? a serious attitude regarding their work obligations a willingness to learn new things the ability to make other people laugh

There is no shortage of opinions on what coworker’s characteristics are more important. I think all of us value the ability to learn new things because it helps us to perform in a more comfortable and technological way, and it also makes our work more comfortable when you have a co-worker you can laugh with during the launch break. However, I believe we should delineate personal staff and performance characteristics, and if I were forced to choose, I would select a serious attitude to the job obligations. I feel this for several reasons which I will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, a responsible approach to the work duties is a crucial and fundamental requirement for all workers regardless of their personal qualities. To have a partner with such a mindset means that when you collaborate you will not miss any mistakes and do your effort qualitatively. For example, I have a co-worker at my current office, which is very pleasant in personal communication, but also she is very reliable. When we work in a bundle, I’m always sure we do this task on the highest level, because of her approach to any kind of goal. It also helps us to get our tasks done in time and even faster, because we always create a circuit, where we write our actions step by step. Secondly, an absence of such qualities as responsibility, reliability, and a conscious approach to the ob affects all workers in the company. For instance, I am a QA engineer, and if I failed my task because of being inattentive, or because I let myself be distracted by any other things, which are not related to a project, I would miss an error in our software. As I result, it will break the user experience, it will cost the company loses a lot of money, all developers will have to go all out on making the hotfix, and our normal workflow will stop. To sum up, in the light of mentioned reasons, I strongly believe that even if your co-worker is smart and funny, you should pay special attention to his attitude to job obligations. In my opinion, it’s the most crucial quality for coworkers in the terms of work.
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