Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? For the successful development of a country, it is more important for a government to spend money on the education of very young children (five to ten years old) than to spend money on universities

Over the years since the education of children and individuals began in a centralized center, The effect of how we educate our people and what will be the result has been criticized by critics. The issue of where to invest, children at school or young people in universities, is a very important and effective decision that every government has to make. It is undeniable that both of them are crucial, but I stand with those who believed that devoting money to the basics, of children at school, will guarantee the country's future and I will delve into it in the following essay. Society and people who will govern us or build our country in the future are the children that nowadays are going to school. If the school does not grow and educate them properly for the future, there will be a mass of problems in the future. As an example, Self-confidence is an acquired lesson that should be learned as a child. In addition, young people without confidence will not make our society develop. Being responsible is one of the most important earmarks that everyone should have. I strongly assume that having a responsible people is the most valuable treasure that accelerates the process of society`s evolution. Because of this accountability,every person in our community will try to be the best of him or herself; So this will lead us to success. At the end of this discussion, In my point of view,the strength of a building comes from its pillar. And the children and schools are the pillars of every developing and under developed countries. So we should spend remarkable money on them after that we can anticipate a strong society.
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