Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? For the successful development of a country, it is more important for a government to spend money on the education of very young children (five to ten years old) than to spend money on universities

Since the dawn of civilization, countries' development has always been a subject of criticism. Schools and universities are known as the key factors to any society`s development, so it needs more attention from government. They always concerned about which one is better to invest and has more benefits for country. People hold different ideas about the importance of schools or universities. Some people believe that financial support in universities has better result. On the other hand, others say that investment in primary levels of education lead the country to success. As far as I am concerned, spending money for school development is a more logical decision by more government that I will delve into it in the following essay. To begin with, children are wealth for every country, also youngsters development play a vital role in every successful society. Every single student in the school is the foundation of the country, and if any country spends enough money to improve young children, they will develop their country successfully. For example, Japan is known as on the developed country in the world. I have read a passage about this fantastic achievement that wrote this is because some years after that miserable atomic attract, they invest most of their financial resources on elementary schools students. Thus, I believe government men should support youth child to get a better consequences. Furthermore, it is easier to reshape a metal when it is in more hot. If we let the tempreture gown down, it become hard to change it`s shape, so I believe that it is critical to invest on people who are at their first ages of the life. In addition, If we train young children between five to ten, they will more ready for the future and we will not have problem when they are at the universities. For instance, when I was at school, my education institution spent a lot of money to make our school advance with high technology facilities and equipment, as a result I learned concept and lessons in the best way, and now, I don not have considerable problem in my university, because I am trained well when I was child. Therefore, I believe that not only it is more flexible to train schools` level children, but also it lead them to be success in the future. To wrap up, to the best of my knowledge, it is a logical decision to invest on the education of very youth people in the school to lead country to development. First of all, because children are countries` valuable asset and have crucial role for every societies future, second, I believe it is easier and more flexible to train people when they are young enough
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