The people we work with have many different characteristics and all of them affect the quality of our time at work. Of the following, what do you think is the most important quality for a boss or supervisor to have? a serious attitude about their work a lot of related experience a tendency to always tell the truth

Nowadays it is essential to have a job.It is a vital component of our lives.Workplace is full of different kinds of people but the most prominent role is given to the supervisor. He is a head of company and avoids a lot of problems related to his character and significant qualities.Supervisors should have a serious attitude about their work because this quality prevents difficult situations that can damage the organization. Although other people say their versions but I strongly believe that a serious attitude is the foundation of good work.There are two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, a supervisor who has a serious attitude treatment to his job can influence other employees to be more professional in the workplace. A lot of workers fulfill their own obligations perfectly and in time which will raise the productivity of overall operation. revenues of companies. People will begin to spend their time wisely because of the responsibilities they have. Workers do not ponder about other things as they are focused on being the best in the workplace.Furthermore, it increases competition between employees, everyone would desire to be the and this provides the finest workers for the organization. My brother’s example completes this reason. He is working in a company where everybody is concentrated on his own duties because of their supervisor’s features. We can meet the huge competition in there and all workers want to be the most superb one in the company. As a result, profits of the company increase day by day and make the organization one of the most popular in the territory. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that it keeps a healthy environment in the workplace. People are different with their own opinions and other things. Nobody can like each other in everything. As a result there will be a lot of conflicts between them which causes decrease of organization prestige.Supervisor’s serious attitude maintains the healthy and prominent atmosphere. Individuals know that they are in work and should keep essential working conditions without any gossip or fights. My sister’s example completes this reason. Her working spot is full of people who do not like each other but they keep a good environment because of their supervisor’s severe attitude. No one can make scandals or other things because it has a negative impact on his career. This inherent of a supervisor makes a company’s work more efficient. In conclusion, a serious attitude is one of the major factors of having wonderful employees and a healthy atmosphere.
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