In many countries, people are no longer permitted to smoke in public places and places of work Use specific reasons and details to support your position.

Smoking in public places either schools or workplaces is prohibited in several nations because it causes a hazardous effects on the human beings. Smoking not only affects human but also polluted the climate. The effect of smoke on both individuals and surroundings will be explained in this essay. Cigarette smoking has an adverse effects on human health. It causes different defect related to respiratory such as asthma, Broncholitits, pneumonia , lung cancer and so on. Smoking irritates the tissue of respiratory system which causes such dangerous illness. Due to this reason, government has made a rule to avoid smoking in public places. For instance, my grandfather used to smoke a cigarette more than quarterly. This lead him to have a chronic obstructive lung condition and in his older age, it created many problems with perfusion and desaturation. He used to live with domiciliary oxygen. This indicates that smoking is killer agent which at last finish our life indirectly. Secondly, Smoke also polluted the surroundings. The harmful gases produced by their released into the climate which lead disorder like asthma in younger children as well. For instance, the research done at Oxford university implied that more than 10 percent of children are prone to have asthma in the upcoming future because of smoke released into the habitat. Secondary smokers are more prone to have respiratory difficulty than that primary. Therefore, authorities try to minimize the risk by implementing the rule of not permitting smoking in the workplace. If they find someone smoking in public then they are fined with some charges. Similarly, Children are not allowed to buy cigarettes because many children are influenced for smoking by seeing in films and elderly. Therefore, government has made such regulations to improve the status and health of the individuals. In conclusion, the government has created measures in improving the health of citizens through different rules and regulations. Individuals should also be responsible for following these measures in order to create a healthy and sound surroundings.
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