Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now

Throughout history, famous people`s privacy has been always a subjective topic. Famous people are well-known people that become popular due to their ability in a special areas like sports or cinema. People hold different ideas about celebritie`s privacy in today`s lives. Some people believe that these days, famous people live more comfortable and secret than past. Others say that nowadays` circumstances became nightmare for the privacy of popular people. As far as I am concerned, in this stage of life, celebrities are more concerned about their privacy that I will delve into it in the following essay. To begin with, In my opinion, every single person in the world should have equal right. So I believe that we have to respect celebritie`s privacy as a human right. They deserve to live like other ordinary people and enjoy the living without any concerning about their private life. In addition, interferencing in these poeple`s personal life can cause unavoidable consequences. For example, last month, one of the actors in my country died as a result of suicide. News showed that this act was according to the some private information that is revealed in social media. Thus, I believe that if we do not respect to every people`s right equally, like popular people, it will have inevitable consequence. Furthermore, popular person has always had considerable role in people`s life. Mostly, these famous people are rich and have significant figure in society. We all know many celebrities that support people that they need help in any bad situation, such as disasters that damage countries and make them needful. For instance, some years ago, an earthquake is happened in one of my countrie`s city. It destroyed enaromus house and killed many people that year. I am remembering those years that countless famous people support those people financially and emotionally. Therefore, I believe that every well-known people in the world deserve more privacy due to fact that they are respectful humans that have always existed and played a considerable role in the situation that people needed help. To wrap up, personally, I believe that famous people deserve more privacy than today`s have. First of all, officious people can damage popular personal lives and lead them to do some unavoidable actions like self-murder. Secondly, they are people which always been in any situation that people require support and we have to respect their privacy more than ever.
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