Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past.

It is obvious that technology following c smart devices have diverse effects on children and their education. However, there is a multitude of debates among professional individuals in this area as regards its adverse and positive influences on the creativity of children. Even, it has been purported that owing to the technology children in last decade have less creative minds compared with their parents or grandparents. In my own belief, this statement cannot be true and I disagree with this. This essay aims to substantiate the reasons for holding this opinion. First, thanks to technology and its following products, children have more tools to acknowledge their talents and interests. By contrast, youngsters living before the technology epoch, not only did not have access to facilities for figuring out their aptitude, but they also thought they have no talent to conduct a new complicated event in the world. Nowadays, technology has provided some manners such as the internet, games and educational applications which all are aiming children to explore the universe of information and acquire what they ask. Hence, it could be said that technology helps parents and teachers to bring children as explorer individuals. Second, some of these games and applications in high-tech products are designed especially for training children. These are divided according to age category and depend on psychological science. For instance, parents could teach colors to their children by absorbing games. Furthermore, kids would learn topics such as arithmetic easily and by themselves just if they had access to an iPad. Despite the fact that utilizing this devices for a long time regularly has a negative influence on body health, they possess the ability to promote the performance of the brain. It means that the more the technology has boosted, the more creativity has turned in children. In conclusion, in light of the above-mentioned reasons, I am of the opinion that technology could have a constructive consequence on the function of children’s minds and their creativity. This sort of product is preplanned for kids with high accuracy to prevent them from mental laziness by giving them some tools like games, useful websites and applications. All of this allows children to quickly become learners and discover their abilities and capacities compared with the youngsters in the past
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