"Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'People can deal with problems on their own, so government assistance isn't necessary.'"

It is undeniable that people's own problem can be solved by their own solutions or decision. However I believe that government assistance is also important in some cases. First of all, People want privacy and some people do not want interfere in their private life. If any problem arises then they solve their own problem. Every human being is capable of interpreting the problem and the solution for difficulty arrives. For instance, my mom always keep her difficulties with her. She never shares anything with us but we found it later after she accomplishes the difficult task. Therefore , some people are so possessive in themselves and handle the problem effectively on their own. On the other hand, government involvement is also equally important in some cases in other to get a proper solutions. For instance, last year in my community there is conflict between two house owners regarding the way formation between their house. They both cannot compromise and conflict arises. The people around try to solve their problem but it seems impossible . After that, the authority of the ward arrives and solve the problem through strict rules. They both cannot deny it. Hence, government interference should involved in some cases so that problem can be easily get handled. In conclusion, I disagree that government assistance is not beneficial in solving problem. I believed that people are unable to tackle the problem on their own so seeking help is always best way out.
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