do you agree or dis agree with the following statement? Smartphones and online social networks have destroyed communication between friends and family

As all technologies made and trended in societies, have merits and demerits, there is no exception for online contact technologies too. I strongly believed stand with those who think that this type of intelligence has more advantages than its disadvantages. Shortening the distance between people, Knowing news faster than before and more benefits for that can be considered as its advantages. In addition, it cannot be condoned that these easy ways to communicate may cause some depression in folks. However, I cannot imagine the world without online connection. Many years ago if you wanted to inform your parents in other cities about your condition it may take more than a few weeks that them to receive your mail. Now on behalf of the online networks,this mailing process came simply as it was. In another word, Social networks such as smartphones and other delivery devices have shortened the distance between us into some clicks on the keyboard. There is no doubt that the advancement of connection technologies is increasing day by day and therefore humans will need less physical contact. Moreover, this progress can cause some type of depression in people but we can get rid of it by arranging weekly or monthly familial or friendly meetings. To sum up this issue, humans are communicable species and they need to be connected to their family and friends. Therefore, any technologies or devices that can help them to be in touch with others can be tremendous for them and we should not take guard on them
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