do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phone, online games, and social networking Web site.

In this modern era, technology is developing fast that people could not keep up with that unless they keep increasing their knowledge. According to what I mentioned, there is an overwhelming weight of obsession on parents` mind regarding their children's learning process than past. However, people hold different views bout toughness of children's education. Some people believe that spending too much time on smart phones and video games have damaged children learning and made it harder than past. Others say that these matters helped students instead and had many benefits for them. As far as I am concerned, I believe that these technological advancements facilitated the education process that I will elaborate on this in the following essay. To begin with, technology has opened up new avenues that previously were considered impossible. In my opinion, people have to use and take advantages of the opportunities that are made up for them. For instance, my little sister is studying in one of the advancement schools in my city.He said to me that internet became medium of teaching there and they are using smart phones and online games to improve their knowledge, They use smart phone for learning English and playing mathematical online games in their schools with his classmates that makes them a desirable educating circumstances and facilitates their learning process. Thus, I believe not only cell phones and online games are not distractive for student, but also make the opportunity up for them to study better and gracefully. Furthermore, communication is a key of success in this mechanized era. With the advent of the internet and a social media, people are not limit to the place and time anymore and it lets children to become more sociable that is a vital factor for their future. Students can discuss on their lessons and their problems in any concept and solve it together in In addition I belive that if parents keep watch their children, they will benefit from these equipment. For example, my little brother was an active person in social media under my parent`s monitoring when he was a student. He spent most of the times to talk about their education staffs with their classmates in a group and because of this, he got good scores in his final exams. Therefore, I belive that social networking can make students sociable and help them to have better learning with communicating with each other. To wrap up, to the best of my knowledge I belive that nowadays students educate easier that past. First of all, cell phones and online games are practical for teaching students and increase childrens` efficiency in learning. Second, social networking helps children to become more social person and makes the opportunity for the to ease their learning by interaction with each others regarding their education materials.
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