Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.” Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

No one can deny there are both positive and negative aspects of widespread use of the Internet. It affects our society, culture and jobs many ways. I strongly believe that access to the Internet from each point of the world benefits individuals and community in many ways. I feel this for two reasons which I will develop in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, Internet is an exceptional source of information, and one of the essential ways to get an education anywhere in the world. It’s essential for people in the small towns where they do not have access to the biggest museum or libraries, or any other cultural centers. I have to admit that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own personal experience. For example, I was born in a small town with just one museum. I was extremely hungry for knowledge, and to read books with outdated data obviously was not enough to feed my desire to know more and more. So when I finally got Internet as a source of endless data, I was just amazed and got plenty of new information about different topic. It broadened my mind and showed me different opportunities, which I used for my future. Secondly, nowadays Internet is not only a fountain of any kinds of entertainment, but also a huge field of the new job possibilities. Since almost each person has Internet, there are numerous ways to start a career in any area: to become a blogger, writer, and journalist. Moreover, since pandemic, a large number of companies have changed their job format: from the office to the remote work. Consequently, we get more options to work from home or any other comfort place, and not to be stacked in particular office building. Hence, now we have freedom to travel anytime we want and choose the preferable location to stay and work there. To sum up, I would say even if widespread of Internet has its drawbacks, I believe that internet at the same time has plenty of benefits which can be used to make our life easier and fill it with useful and pleasant things.
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