Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Parents are the only people who are there with their children in every phase of their life. Parents have a strong emotional attachment to their child and they know each and every detail of the child’s life. In my opinion, I strongly that parents are great teachers. I will explore the reasons why I feel this way in the following essay. First of all, parents possess more experience in dealing with real-life problems. As the age of parents is twice the age of children, parents have a broad knowledge regarding real-world problems. Therefore a child can learn a lot of new skills from their parents. My own experience demonstrates this reality. My father is a real estate broker. He often talks about different properties all around the world. Talking with him I get an in-depth knowledge regarding the working of real estate markets. I know that this knowledge will be useful to me in some of the other form but I am sure it won’t go waste. This example demonstrates that parents often provide value education that even schools can’t provide us. Secondly, parents can always guide their kids if they are going in the wrong direction because they know them so well. A kid cannot hide anything from his/her parents. Parents always know what is going in our minds. The guidance of parents can do wonders in the child’s life. For instance, one of my close friends wanted to buy a property in his hometown. However he did not discuss it with his parents regarding it. He was so much in a hurry to book the property in his name that he did not even confirm the seller’s legitimacy and finalized the deal with him. He paid the token amount and booked the property. Later he told his father regarding the purchase of property from Xyz person. His father was shocked to hear this. As the father was a real estate broker he knew that the Xyz person is a fraud. Son was crestfallen after hearing this. Had he discussed the property his token amount would not have been lost. This example clearly explains the role of parents in guiding their children. In conclusion, I believe that parents are great educators to their children. This is because they possess more experience and because they can easily guide their children towards achieving their goals.
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