Should parents help their children with their assignments or let them do their assignments independently?

In the last century, parents have played a significant role in children’s lives by encouraging and motivating them to learn. They have always been so concerned about their offspring that they usually forgot about themselves. These are all either intrinsic and due to their nature or because of civilization and experience. Whit that being said, some people believe that parents should help their children do their homework; however, in my opinion, children should do their assignments on their own. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoints by providing specific reasons and examples. First and foremost, by doing assignments on their own, children grow up as an independent character, which is a crucial trait in their personal and social lives. As a matter of fact, when children try to do their homework by themselves, they will improve personality traits, including responsibility, self-reliance, self-confidence, and so on. The results of a study conducted in my country indicate that more than half of the children who did their assignments in childhood without any parents’ assistance are more prosperous in their professions and personal lives. They could find a job that best fits them because having good character traits as a freestanding helps them communicate with others better, especially with an employer. Therefore, they managed to strike a balance between their work and life, leading to spending quality time with their family members. Hence, they were more satisfied and happy with their social lives. In contrast, the children who depended on their parents to do their homework in childhood have trouble making every decision, lack self-confidence, and avoid personal responsibility, which leads to a dependent life. As a result, doing assignments on their own is a necessary component that leads to an independent character. Furthermore, owing to doing homework independently, children could detect their misunderstandings in each section of lessons which leads to solving their problems. In other words, every individual may miss a part of a lecture in a class because of external factors like a noisy environment. In such case, by doing related assignments of the class can realize the study weakness. Take my personal experience as a compelling example; a couple of years ago, when I was still in primary school, I should have done mandatory assignments related to the Nowruz holiday. When I was solving mathematical questions, I realized that I was not able to solve problems of multiplication. Thus, I got help from my teacher to explain it. Had I not been involved in solving the matemathical problems by myself, I could not have detected my weakness in mathematics to fix it. In conclusion, not only could doing homework on themselves lead to an independent character that is an excellent trait in personal and social life, but also it makes children detect and analyze their lesson weaknesses in each part of a lecture. I strongly suggest that children experience doing their assignments independently.
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