In your country, is there more need for land to be left in its natural condition or is there more need for land to be developed for housing and industry?

Indeed, Mexico City is a place where there are more jobs available, it causes people to want to live in the city and as a consequence they set up more buildings to inhabit. While housing is growing in Mexico City, it is not possible to live with a good environment. Due to air pollution the atmosphere has changed, provoking respiratory diseases. Also, the bad administration of water supply in the city is creating droughts as well as floods. On the one hand, the environment has been deteriorated due to high population density in Mexico City. However, the air degradation is not provoked for a big industry cluster; Mexico City has the worst traffic in the world, the problem is the elevated number of cars used by the commuters, it produces great amounts of CO2. When the people breathe air with excessive CO2, it initiates poisoning their nervous system, causing symptoms from dizziness to shortness of breath. This could result in respiratory diseases. On the other hand, the streets and avenues are a disaster due to droughts and floods. Although the authorities try to manage the problem, changing some parts of the pipeline system, it is not enough to resolve it. It is required to implement better solutions, like laws for water usage, fines for water waste and not giving more water bodies concessions to Coca-Cola or any other soda business. In spite of the air pollution, respiratory diseases and the bad administration of water supply, the people want to live in Mexico City, because there is more opportunity of employment. The basic necessities such as food, clothing and housing are the principal reasons why the people work in the city. Moreover, the wages and life style in the city are the best. However, the pollution in the city has been growing and it is not secure live there, because the health of the people is deteriorated. To sum up, If the contamination continues to increase, the zone could not be possible to live in. So, the growing housing is dangerous for the citizens’ health.
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