Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents' generation?

The old generation fought wars and solved economic problems. However, our new generation tries to resolve the issues without fighting, we talk about our ideas, we discuss how to fix the world and we do not postpone the misfortunes to the next generation. In the first place, nowadays the internet has created social media, so that everyone is linked and can share their opinion about any topic. Therefore, anyone can write an idea on the internet and we can search for a solution together. In the second place, this new generation is working to fix global warming, which is the most important activity because it is destroying the world. Actually, a girl called Greta is working with a lot of young people to find a solution. The good news is we are together and we are not making a war between ourselves. >In the third place, we are not trying to leave the current mess to the next generation. Indeed, we want more people to learn about the consequences of it, and we would like to recruit more people with us. In spite of the decisions of the old generation, the wars and the economic issues, they tried to solve their problems with the information and culture that they had. Nevertheless, the new world needs new solutions, this means that the old was good at that time, but we must not repeat the same way. In conclusion, the new generation is trying to unify all the generations and look for a solution to the obstacles of this new world.
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