Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Successfulpeople try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know how to do well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Most people in the world believe that successful people are always doing the same things perfectly. Personally, I think people who take risks every day to try new things are more successful. There are several reasons why I feel like this, which I will explain in the following essay. First of all, in my point of view, people should alter their approaches regularly because our world is changing day by day and you cannot continuously use your old methods. You have to find new solutions to your problems in your field. Every job is very dynamic and its rules are always changing. After a point, your old methods will be insufficient for your needs. At that point, your behavior will determine your future. You are going to be called "successful" if you see the blockage of your old methods. You, however, are going to fail if you insist on using your existing methodology. I have a personal experience with this issue. At the hospital I work, a patient has to be operated on by a surgeon. During the operation, everything looked fine and the surgery was started. After a while, an unexpected situation occurred. The patient was bleeding seriously, and we had to find the source of the bleeding. In that situation, although there were a few options to be checked, our surgeon believed the bleeding vessel was not one of those. He tried a completely new technique to find another vessel, thus it worked. The bleeding has stopped and we completed the surgery "successfully". Secondly, you have to be creative because there would not be any differences between people if everybody did their jobs without variations. I believe successful people can solve problems in their area by utilizing different concepts from other people they compete with, thus creativity is one of the most important parts of the successful person. Problems will solve easily and fast if you have teammates that are able to "think out of the box". For instance, in our department at the hospital, one of the most essential criteria, which we have been looking for when we decided to hire someone, is creativity. Our surgery department has knowledge of plenty of different approaches to be able to treat patients because we have lots of surgeons from various backgrounds. This situation enables us to find different kinds of solutions and gives us lots of options to utilize when approaching our patients. Briefly, I strongly feel that people who, want to be successful, should take risks to move forward. This is because you cannot change your environment before changing yourself regularly. Furthermore, you cannot create a difference without trying new things in your area.
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