People in society work in many different settings, and for a variety of reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people have jobs? to feel happier about their lives to save money for the future to develop new skills Use specific examples and details to support your answer.

Work has become a vital component of our life. It is necessary for people for a variety of reasons, regardless of how easy or tough it may be. Individuals who work have a bulky schedule but they do it as they feel happier about their lives. Although other people say their variants, I strongly believe that most of them do it for their own happiness. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost,Working allows us to earn our own money and be independent. Financial stability is one of the major components of achieving independence and peace in our life. Making our own budget makes us feel joyful and successful about ourselves. When we can buy something for our relatives with our own money, we feel better about our lives. My personal experience completes this reason. I have acting skills and got an offer to be in a performance and surely be paid. The shows were striking and marvelous but when I received my remuneration that was another thing for me. I was in the culmination of my felicity and could not wait to spend my earned trumpets. I acquired commodities I needed and definitely did purchases for my family members. My parents always implemented my desires and it was my turn to do something that not only made them cheerful but also me. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that we find new acquaintances and sometimes build durable relationships. Spending all day at home might be tedious at times, so we should seek out other people who can assist us to maintain our active lifestyles and discover new interests. Furthermore, we find similarities between them which assist us to create worthy friendships . My sister’s example completes this reason. She doesn't like to stay at home if she would be the headmaster work the whole day. Her friends from her workplace and they are like a second family for her because she feels restful with them. Most of her time she passes with colleagues she works with as they have much in common. When they went for a vacation she took me with her and when I saw their respect and unity with each other I realized why my sister's work made her blissful. In conclusion, I support the claim that work makes us happier because it assists us to be independent and also find strong relationships.
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