Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children rely too much on technology, like computers, smartphones, and video games for fun and entertainment. Playing with simpler toys or playing outside with friends would be better for children’s development.

Technology has altered most facets of our lives and affected our day-to-day life utterly. It provides many tools for entertainment not only for grown-ups but also for kids. Many people hold the opinion of utilizing computers, smartphones, video games, and other tools related to technology for children's development. I believe it would be wonderful for kids to play outdoor with friends. I am for this idea due to two main reasons which I will explore in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, playing with friends instead of spending time on tech tools increases their communication skills. Since humans are social animals they need this skill to be in a community and live a friendly life with people around them, and better communication will be achieved when they know how to go along with other individuals. I remember four years ago, for instance, when I was a university student, I knew how to communicate with my peers and, we had a wonderful time back then. It was due to my prior environment I had many best friends and amazing time spent with them. On the other hand, Mobina, my classmate had a hard time getting together with my classmates and, she even was uncomfortable speaking with us. Curiously when I asked about her, she told me, "I have not had friends yet and to be honest, I don’t know how to deal with people" plus, she also did not have siblings. She, therefore, spent all her leisure time with tech tools. Hence, had she had spent time with people in her life, she would easily have interacted with us. Moreover, by being with peers, especially with close friends we can explore more about ourselves, especially, how to express our emotions. Expressing our feelings will allow us to say our words and feel light, it will be a great cause of being healthy mentally. As a result of being alone, many youths indulged in the depression and even caught a bigger troll of this modern era such as anxiety and self-sabotaging resulting in committing suicide, and so on. For example, one of my casual quittances, had a luxurious life, a five-story building, one giant pool on the roof of this house, one big TV with a video game, and more facilities. Unfortunately, the year before last year he committed suicide because he had no one to trust and to share a word with. Hence, seeing him I can surely say, technology never going to play a better role for children than friends. To sum it up, as I elaborated above, in my point of view, it is way better for kids to spend their time playing games outdoor with friends instead of playing games on computers or other technology materials. Children’s ability to communicate will goes high, additionally, they will have better mental health by expressing their feelings and interacting with peers.
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