Health and wellness is a growing concern for a number of people across the globe. Some people believe a well-balanced diet and exercise routine is the best way to stay healthy. Others suggest that good health has less to do with what you eat and more to do with how you live. In other words, maintaining positive relationships with friends and family is a better way to remain healthy. Which opinion do you agree with?

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is one of the most common and important question among the people all over the world. Scientists, nutritionists, athletes and others spread controversial opinions and theories. In my opinion, the best way to stay healthy — maintain positive lifestyle and develop strong relationships with partner, family and friends. I feel this for several reasons, which I will describe in the next paragraphs. First of all, I believe that attitude to life and different events correlate with the actual events that happen to us. Moreover, the way you treat to people or events defines the things that will happen. For example, I dropped the cup with a hot coffee on my white pants. Not a big pleasure, yet, my reaction will define the tone for the next events. If I get angry or sad, I will see the other events through the dark glasses, and things will be worse than they supposed to be, just because I choose the “dark side”. Alternatively, If I choose that this is not a big deal and say positive, then I will see the other situations positively and it will help me. The second reason I believe in that statement is the sociological research mentioned in Malcolm Glandule’s book. I might not remember all the details, but here is the core of the story: the group of Italians that moved to the USA in 21 century, in Pennsylvania State, demonstrated the high health quality. There were no suicides, no addictions, low level of heart diseases. It was a phenomenon for doctors, so they decided to explore their lifestyle to find a key to this unique situation. They took few sociologists and started their research: they took interviews, watch how those people communicate, what they eat and drink, what exercises they do, etc. They had an assumption that the key to their secret is healthy lifestyle: sport and diet. They were totally shocked when they got result: Italians drink a lot of alcohol, they do not do any sport, in addition about 50% of population has obesity. The main reason and the key to their health was in their social life. The thing is that was a pretty small population — about 100 people. All of them know each other; they live in big families — on family might count 3 generations; also they always spend a lot of time to talk, discuss the latest news or drink a cup of coffee in the cafe’s terrace. The strong connection with others, big families and active social life help those people live health and what is more important — happy. In conclusion, I believe that positive attitude to life and strong relationships make us happier. As a result, we have more energy, desire and passion for life and it pushes us to the new wider horizons. It makes us more active and energized, so we do not need any additional exercises and sever diet to control our bodies.
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