Your local government has just recently received a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invested in building a new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? - Build a public library - Build a public park - Build a public pool

Since we spend most part of our time at home or in offices, working about 8 hours per day, I think it’s crucial to have public areas where we can rest, meet friends or event do some sport. If my local government has to choose among three variants, I think they should invest the donation in building a public park over the public library or public pool. I will expand the reasons in favor of building a public park in the subsequent paragraphs. First of all, park in the city, especially in the small towns, is a center where people often spend their time. It can be used for recreation, meeting friends, celebrating public holidays, creating concerts, different kinds of fitness activities or even just having a barbeque. I have to admit that my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own personal experience. In my childhood and even I was teenager, I spent a lot of time in our local park. It was our usual place to make an appointment with friends; we went for a walk around. We often were sitting near the small lake, discussing new events or just babbling. Also, our local park was the main place for any kind of celebrations, such as city’s’ local holidays or important country’s events. Adults and children came to the park early morning where everything was already prepared: fast-food stalls, attractions, music. People could spend the whole day there. Secondly, as I already mentioned, a public park is a great place for any kind of fitness activities. Some people do not have enough money for gym; some people do not want to walk about couple of kilometers to reach the nearest gym. Or some people prefer outdoors activities. Public park is the solution for all these cases. Drawing from my own experience, before I move to the new apartment, I always observe and explore the surrounding areas. It’s one of my decisive demands: to have an embankment or park nearby where I can jogging. In light of the reasons I mentioned, I would recommend that my local government build a public park. Parks are great way for people to stay more active. It’s my firm belief that a park is a best option as it can be used for variety of events throughout the year and might be profitable for local businesses.
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