Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today have no influence on the important decisions that determine the future of society as a whole.

In this modern era, societies have been changed in many aspects from that of the past and as a consequence, nowadays young people differ from the last decades ones. However, people hold different views toward youth men`s influence on critical decisions in the societies. Some people believe that these day`s young men have vital role in everyday life in the societies and have impact on decision that are important for future. Others on the other hand, say that in this age, mature people have influence on crucial decision that is determined the future of societies. As far as I am concerned, I disagree with the opinion that ignore today`s young role in the society that I will elaborate on in the following essay. To begin with, technology is developing so fast that people could not keep up with that unless, they keep increasing their knowledge. In this mechanized era, if a society wants to continue its life, it should rely on young people that are expert in their field and this is the reason that today's youth men have more vital position in the societies. For example, my country has many young ministers that they manage this societies and we cannot deny their influence on future of society. Recently, one of them consider a huge fund for schools to develop their equipment for children. Thus, I believe in this modern era, according to the knowledge that young people have, they are in many critical positions that lead their decisions to be really important for future of the societies. Furthermore, in developing societies, from many expert`s point of view, today`s young people are smarter than those of the past and this is the result of some technological advancement that had impact on people`s evolutionary. For instance, my young brother has invented a tool that is using in surgery rooms now and help doctors to have a easier treatment. Therefore, according to the fact that young people today are smarter than the past ones, I believe youth men today have some vital influence in societies that is extremely important for future lives. To wrap up, I totally disagree with the statement that mentioned in the question. First of all, I believe that in today world, young people have many positions that have critical influence of societies future and second, due to the fact that today's youth men are more genius, they can do something such as inventing that have influence on people`s lives
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