Some people say that online classes are effective but other people say face to face to classes are better. Which one do you prefer?

To begin with,learning and teaching process is going on all around the world since centuries ago and day by day humans found new ways and methods of teaching, one of them is online classes or learning at home from far away. There is a compelling argument among two groups of people which the first group holds the notion that face to face classes are more efficient than other methods of teaching and learning. The other group presumes that online classes are better. I personally vote for the first station and paragraphs below will shed more light on the issue. The first reason to be mentioned is, as humans are social creatures, they need to be in societies,and when they are in groups and societies, they enjoy whatever they do. As we are in class and there are many students, we can enjoy learning. This leads us to learn everything with memories and some mind pictures. As we learn an an mportant point with an interesting memory, that point stick in our long-term memory. Finally, in the exam,we can remember all-importantimportant points and get high scores. For instance, when I was in 10th grade, the language professor took all students in groups and defined special tasks with special matters for every band. We did our task and enjoyed sharing our information in group. In the end, two months later on the exam day, that project was our exam question. As we did it with joy, all of us answered that question and got high scores. The second reason which deserves some words here is, as most humans like to be in ouch with others, and as they tend to learn new things, they participate in classes that are look to look. In look to face classes there are different students with different ideas, cultures, beliefs,and behaviors. We share our experiences, ideas,and beliefs. This let us enhance our information in many terms and learn new kind of behaviors. To come to that end, we gather many social new ideas and information besides what we learn from our teachers. For instance, in 10th grade, I had a classmate who was from Turkmen people of Turkmenistan; we talked to each other every day in class. I knew that Turkmen people are so mercy people. They have a ifferent kinds of foods, and in worshipping,they have very interesting ways according to their faiths. In the history exam, one of questions was about our new social experiences. I wrote about Turkmen people and got good scores. To put it in a nutshell, face to face classes teaches us many things which appease us. We learn with memory and experience, and we enhance our social relationships.
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