Imagine you could improve the town where you live by changing one important thing about it. Which of the following would you choose to do? Build additional parks Construct more libraries Improve public transportation Use specific details and examples in your answer. Do not use memorized examples.

For everyone his town differs from others with its unique features, mine is no exception too. My hometown is splendid, has many entertainment places but these do not mean that it does not need any improvement.If there is a chance for me to do some amendments I will build additional parks. Although there are people that say there are other problems, I strongly believe that this option is the best for our town.I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, children have more spots where they can play in calm and secure conditions. Because of the absence of these parks children have no option and spend their pastime playing in the street which sometimes causes accidents. Besides, parents always worry for their children because of every car passing their way. In that nothing interferes with spending their gaming time and they enjoy their leisure hours. My cousin’s example completes this reason. Their community built a park which should serve everyone. Definitely, children including my cousin from that territory are the most visitors to that garden.They spend their free duration delightful and also utilize the playground which is located within the park. Parents are restful because the garden was fenced and there is no danger from outside. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that nature has a positive impact on people. Walking in a park with a lot of trees makes people breathe fresh air which has a significant role for our health. Instead of messy and dusty places we face natural beauty with its unique sporadic features which assist us to relax from our daily problems. Most of the time people get lung diseases because of dirty air and people, especially adults who are sensitive in that age need to pass their time in cool places. My grandfather’s example completes this reason. Doctors diagnosed lung sickness and he should live or spend most of his time walking in nearby parks. Unfortunately, our hometown did not have facilities to provide him with his needs. He moved to the countryside and after a period he felt a little bit better.If our town had these facilities for my grandfather we would not separate from each other. In conclusion, building additional parks assist children to play in safe conditions and also give opportunity to have place where people can breathe fresh air.
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